Thursday, April 2, 2015

Silly Things that People Ask Writers

I have one of those situations where someone has a favor to ask of me. A lot like when you own a pickup truck and every time you turn around, your Prius driving ‘friends’ want you to help them move. 99% of the time, they’re bitching about the HUGE environmental impact your gas guzzling hog is having, but when they need your help, they’re all sweet and complimenting your manly truck. And you know damn well, after that last box leaves the bed of your truck, they’ll be back to insulting your fuel injected stud machine.

Where was I going with this…oh yeah…friends asking for favors. There’s this particular painful thorn in my side by the name of Starr. She’s got this crazy idea to start her own business. And I’ve agreed to allow her to guest post on my bottom dwelling blog to drum up interest. In all honesty, I can’t blame a girl for striking out on her own and having a go at proprietorship. Hell, it’s what our country was founded on. Well, that and religious freedom and freedom of speech. It’s all about the freedom, baby. And if owning her own business gives her the freedom not to be under the thumb of “The Man,” I’m all for supporting her cause. So, on to the non-paid advertisement.

* * * *

Friday, February 20, 2015

Seven Questions for Seven Bloggers

What happens when you mix a little bit of boredom and a triple Crown & Coke on a Friday night?

Thankfully, this time, it didn’t result in waking up in the back seat of a strange car and pushing off a sweaty, smelly, sex crazed MJ. Instead, the little writer voice sharing space with my grey matter thought it would be a great idea to ask seven incredibly talented bloggers (well, the ones that still talk to me, anyway) a bunch of questions.

And before you bitch that there are eight bloggers answering, we’ll call Phil the bonus, because he always brings a little something extra to the party.

Now on to the mayhem. And if you enjoyed their answers, please hop on over to their various blogs. And if you really want to show them some love in a stalker kinda way, follow them on twitter and Facebook. How do you think I found them?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why it's taking me 10 years to write a single manuscript. Or, a day in the life of a writer.

Sat down to write.
Collin wanted water.
Guess I better take a shower and get dressed.
Sat back down and opened up Scrivener.
Collin wanted a snack.
That reminded me it was lunch time and I was hungry too.
Made lunch.
Fed me and the kid.
Sat back down, opened Scrivener and pulled up the manuscript.
Collin needed to be changed.
My ass ALMOST made contact with the sofa.
Collin wanted more water.
Refilled my iced tea.
Miked called, lost service, called again. 
Repeat three times. 
Remembered I needed my notebook. 
Collin wanted hugs and loves. 
Forgot to get my notebook. 
Got back up to go find my notebook and got sidetracked by a potty break. 
Noticed I had a stack of mail that I needed to go through. 
Oh, last Sunday's newspaper - better get the coupons out and toss the rest. 
Had to call Mike to ask him a question. 
More water. 
Another pull up change. 
More tea. 
Holy crap, where did eight hours go? 
At this rate, my manuscript will be finished by my grand-kids.