Friday, February 20, 2015

Seven Questions for Seven Bloggers

What happens when you mix a little bit of boredom and a triple Crown & Coke on a Friday night?

Thankfully, this time, it didn’t result in waking up in the back seat of a strange car and pushing off a sweaty, smelly, sex crazed MJ. Instead, the little writer voice sharing space with my grey matter thought it would be a great idea to ask seven incredibly talented bloggers (well, the ones that still talk to me, anyway) a bunch of questions.

And before you bitch that there are eight bloggers answering, we’ll call Phil the bonus, because he always brings a little something extra to the party.

Now on to the mayhem. And if you enjoyed their answers, please hop on over to their various blogs. And if you really want to show them some love in a stalker kinda way, follow them on twitter and Facebook. How do you think I found them?