Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why it's taking me 10 years to write a single manuscript. Or, a day in the life of a writer.

Sat down to write.
Collin wanted water.
Guess I better take a shower and get dressed.
Sat back down and opened up Scrivener.
Collin wanted a snack.
That reminded me it was lunch time and I was hungry too.
Made lunch.
Fed me and the kid.
Sat back down, opened Scrivener and pulled up the manuscript.
Collin needed to be changed.
My ass ALMOST made contact with the sofa.
Collin wanted more water.
Refilled my iced tea.
Miked called, lost service, called again. 
Repeat three times. 
Remembered I needed my notebook. 
Collin wanted hugs and loves. 
Forgot to get my notebook. 
Got back up to go find my notebook and got sidetracked by a potty break. 
Noticed I had a stack of mail that I needed to go through. 
Oh, last Sunday's newspaper - better get the coupons out and toss the rest. 
Had to call Mike to ask him a question. 
More water. 
Another pull up change. 
More tea. 
Holy crap, where did eight hours go? 
At this rate, my manuscript will be finished by my grand-kids.